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We’ve Got Mail | Submissions Review #2

Rappin 4-Tay

Right. We haven’t done one of these for a while have we? I’m going to dig into the 273 submissions inbox and pick out five tracks at random and – here’s the strange part – actually listen to them. Nah, I’m kidding, of course I listen to everything that gets sent to me. Honest. You never know though. Sometimes you can find a few gems this way. Right, lets get into it. First up.
• Koaste

1./ 1Mt ft/ Mr Cheeks of the Lost Boys – Never Givin Up
The beat seems to jump right in at the deep end on this one. No intro styles. 1Mt’s lyrical style isn’t really doing it for me. He’s gone in pretty unnecessarily heavy on the overdubs too. The chorus feels a little forced. Mr Cheeks raises the bar a little – haven’t heard him a great deal since I used to bump Legal Drug Money back at school. He sounds like he’s gone through some shit since those days. This track ain’t really for me. Next.

2./ Timothy Rhyme – Dirty Thirty
Okay. Lets see what you’ve got Timothy. Shiny looking rap video. Some nice cars. Seems like Timothy can flow a little. This ain’t too bad. The beat is nice – got that California sunshine that producers over there can harness from time to time. Not sure who the lady is in the video – she’s looks a bit uncomfortable as if she’s doesn’t really know what she’s meant to be doing. Maybe she owns the car shop that this video is obviously filmed at. Ahhh… this is alright.

3./ Champagne Cherub – Coconutz
Just the artist name and track title here gives me the chills. I’m definitely not expecting too much from this one. Here we go. Press play on the video. “Suck my ass”. A powerful opening gambit from Champagne Cherub. The track has started off sounding like an out of tune children’s toy. And…. oh wow. This is special. “My pussy is carrots / Your dick is a rabbit”. Lyrical genius right here. Christ this is awful. Put that champagne back and stick with the Lambrini.

4./ J’Von & Ackryte ft/ Blu – they dnt bleev
Okay, so these guys have got an interesting approach to spelling song titles, but we’ve got a feature from Blu here, so I’m gonna keep my hopes up. Ohhhhh… nice beat here. I’m liking this. J’Von has got a interesting voice and flow. Feeling this. Okay we’ve hit a diamond in the rough here. Definitely head nodding to this. Blu’s verse is nice too. Definitely peep this one. Best one so far. And to think I was losing faith.

5./ Rappin’ 4-Tay, YMX & Carolyn Rodriguez – Sometimes
Yo… Rappin’ 4-Tay? As in I’ll Be Around Rappin’ 4-Tay? As in Playaz Club Rappin’ 4-Tay? He’s still going? I’m intrigued now. This could go either way. Ah, from the intro it looks like this is gonna be one of those serious joints. This has got MTV Base written all over it. Not that I know whether MTV Base still exists or not. “Playa-slash-mack-slash-boss-slash-hustler”. 4-Tay has still got it. He’s dressed pretty fly up in this piece too. Now here’s YMX. He’s rocking a 2pac T-shirt. He seems to be fixated on something in the sky while he’s rapping. Maybe a plane. Maybe a bird. Maybe a cloud shaped like a unicorn. Who knows. We’ll never know. Oh shit… the camera panned up for a split second. It was a plane all the time. Thats a bit of a let down. They should have kept the suspense. Ah. its all over now.

2 comments on “We’ve Got Mail | Submissions Review #2

  1. luisgomezbsc
    April 29, 2015

    Are you still accepting submissions?

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