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Tonight! Raise The Bar Competitive MC Freestyle Night

15_03_13 Raise The BarAn interesting prospect, this one. Billing itself as ‘Brighton’s only competitive MC freestyle night with live rhythm section‘ may seem a bit niche for those happy with competitive rapping over silence or non competitive freestyling over deejayed beats but it definitely appeals to me more than any of that stuff. I’m sure the live rhythm section will be great, but the actual battling over beats is pull enough for me. Is there anywhere else putting on this kind of night in Brighton right now? If so then please let me know and let’s hope there’s room for one more, if not then all the more reason to hope this one becomes a regular fixture.

The night’s hosted by Gramski and Jon Clarke. The rhythm section is led by Harry C Owen of Sunday Circus. It’s at a new venue called The Joker which is by the Duke Of York’s Cinema at Preston Circus and if you need any more inducement to come down they’re giving away promotional garments from Pear Shaped Apparel. Spiffy.

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