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Welcome to the South Easy

Bobbie Johnson – Gimmie What Ya Got

Bobbie Johnson 660

Honestly? Bobbie Johnson I love as an emcee but have serious reservations about as an artist. Not her abilities or commercial potential, just that she’s occasionally a little bit emo for my taste. A little bit earnest. No such worries here, Gimmie What Ya Got exceeds every expectation, but more importantly does it with humour and a whole heap of aggy attitude. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Violence! “Cut you up and skin ya! Crush you like a grape in a vineyard! Treat your blood like it’s fine wine then I bin ya like a bad batch” Alienation! “Sitting with the hatter splashing acid tripping magic/Sipping tea with the opium/Different realms are opening/Nibble on a tab/Evident this motherfucker’s never coming back and I’m glad/Fuck reality, stay intoxicated unstable in my sanity“. Defiance! “You can stay indoctrinated/I’d rather be free and hated than trapped in the matrix“. Fuck yeah.

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