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Slipjam tonight! Prosepctz and Ransom Notes EP launch

14_11_12 Slip JamIt’s testament to Slipjam’s resilience that last month’s event went well despite a no-show from out-of-town headliner Kashmere. No such danger this month as tonight’s show sees them getting back to what’s arguably their greatest strength, giving a platform to local artists at pivotal points in their career.

I’ve seen headliner Prospectz step up a few times on the open mic over the last year and he seems like a thoughtful guy, a little bit nervous onstage but it’s easier to remedy that than lack of honesty or talent so I figure he’s someone worth keeping an eye on. I’m looking forward to hearing his new EP on Rumbustious, hopefully he’ll have some copies along tonight.

In the meantime this recent Don’t Flop battle where he faces Manchester emcee Flawless is worth a look. My favourite line is in Prospectz second verse when he says “flawless means having no defects or faults, so calling yourself flawless is a fault in itself“.

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