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Naïad x Nat Powers | Soul Food LP

Naiad Soul Food

Something with a little international flavour for your Saturday morning, Soul Food is the new album from Parisian crew Naïad with production handled by UK based producer Nat Powers. I’m not going to profess to being able to understand the subject matter in hand as my GCSE level French isn’t a great deal of help, but the gallic flows fit perfectly over Powers’ jazzy beats. Cameos from Cappo, Sonnyjim and a few others add a little UK flavour to the package. Its a free download, so add a little bit of continental flavour to your music collection.
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2 comments on “Naïad x Nat Powers | Soul Food LP

  1. Nu Vintage
    April 22, 2019

    This dude ripped 5 of those beats off of my Bandcamp page and acted like he made them. Check out Nu Vintage on Bandcamp. Off of my “Hi-Fi Dream” beattape he used the tracks ‘ReFresh’ and ‘Hung Up on You’. There are 3 other beats used from different beattapes of mine as well. Unreal

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