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Tonight! Slip Jam ft/Re3co, Busy & Bigs, Toddla Emcee

14_09_03 Slip Jam B

The powers that be at Slip Jam changed the colour of the poster. You’ll have to forgive me for finding this more of a Big Fucking Deal than it actually is, there’s a certain re-assuring familiarity about the old style white on black design. I don’t know for sure the reason but my guess is it’s to draw your attention to the VENUE CHANGE this month. Not sure why they’ve relocated to the Fortune Of War but it’s a nice enough spot. I’m not sure whether the extra-late finish is a good or bad thing, to be honest. Obviously, an extra hour is always welcome but it might make tomorrow a little bit too interesting.

One comment on “Tonight! Slip Jam ft/Re3co, Busy & Bigs, Toddla Emcee

  1. Hines
    September 3, 2014

    It’s just a one off as we got double booked at the Albert.

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