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Young Zee | Five & Dime

Young Zee

In my opinion, ex-Outsidahz emcee Young Zee has always been under appreciated, with Pacewon taking most of the limelight as soon as I Declare War dropped in 2002. But the nasal delivery of Zee combined with his dextrous way with words rarely fails to disappoint. His 2005 appearance on Casual’s Smash Rockwell album Bay vs Bricks still gets circulation up here in Illwood Heights, and whilst I may have been guilty of not keeping up with his whereabouts since then, when this new video for Five & Dime popped into the mailbag, I was pretty hyped. Taken from his new Blunts & Beats mixtape which you can pick up over here.
• Koaste

“The supernatural phenomenon shit that I be on / is beyond the kind of rhyme that y’all be tryin’, its five and dime…” < Young Zee

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