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Welcome to the South Easy

Stinkin Slumrok & Sam Zircon – Toucan Treez

Stinkin SlumrokLove this. No end of great imagery in the video, great characters from the grinning tramps through bemused office drones and a few celebrity cameos to cute kids with booze, to the point I’m struggling to decide which one to screencap for the top of the writeup. Every stage on the party lifestyle spectrum is represented. But the track is great too. Stinkin’ Slumrok, like all the best emcees, has a bit of an attitude problem. He wants your birds, buds, booze, beer, blunts, bitches and beats. Don’t shit your pants, he knows your mummy cleans the clothes on your back. Is he taking the piss? Well, yeah, no doubt. The question is, in which sense? Sam Zircon contributes a suitably menacing beat to match.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about Slumrok other than he’s a Londoner. Zircon I know from the EP he did with Cappo last year, UN:PROGRAMMABLE RAW (which has just been re-issued). Searching for Slumrok doesn’t bring up much apart from a few other recent videos. Anyone?

(as spotted at Ryan Proctor’s Old To The New)

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