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Incoming: The Spoken Herd @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Wednesday 9th July

10420170_10152236676798831_3730641353161153087_nI did a little writeup for The Spoken Herd on the occasion of their Slip Jam gig last week and there’s an interview in the works so I’ll move on quickly for now except to advise you to go down with a few subject matter suggestions for the freestyle section of the set. They will ask the crowd, and they will be disappointed if you don’t have some fiendishly difficult suggestion ready to challenge them with. Go on, be evil. We’ll forgive the lack of info on the flyer cos it’s a charity gig and it doesn’t take too long to type up the details anyway: the show starts at 8pm and entry is £5. And for those who’ve never had the pleasure before: Sticky Mike’s is at 9-12 Middle Street in Brighton.

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