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Why do bare Nerds like Grime recently?



Good to see The Grime Report addressing the most urgent issues of the day. Allow the first half of this video, unless you’re the type of bore who gets all animated talking about different brands of marijuana it’s a total waste. The key question comes just after the five minute mark: “why do bare nerds like grime recently?” I’m quite offended by the qualifier at the end there, I’m the type of irritating tosser who’ll let you know I liked grime back when it was hip the first time round. But I’m pleased that most of Chronik’s answers are almost reasonable. He’s probably a bit too insistent in his assurances that he doesn’t hang out with nerds but he’s glad we’re there to help when he’s struggling with technology. This at least puts us one-up on gay people. He doesn’t want to hang with them either, but whilst he reassures us he doesn’t have any problem with the gays he doesn’t suggest any useful functions for them. Unless they’re gay nerds, I suppose.


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