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Enlish – Delicious Heat – new mixtape



Delicious Heat CoverThe last time I saw Enlish was a couple of weeks ago at Slip Jam. He was first on and after his set made his way through the crowd handing out free copies of his 2011 debut album ‘Cold Lazarus’. I recognised him first cos he’s famous, he clocked me without realising who I was until I spoke up. I asked ‘Can I have one? Are you sure?‘ because he’s on record as thinking I’m an ‘insufferable cock‘ and last time we met he’d spent forty minutes telling me how much of a dickhead I am. Would he really want me to take one of his CDs now? He looked confused for a second, then said ‘yeah…oh, it’s you‘ and then it was my turn to be baffled. For some reason he started rapping at me! My own personal performance! It didn’t last long, though, just one line: ‘started thinking that I’d gotten good at rapping but I’d gotten good at drinking and forgot what I was thinking‘. What? I knew it was from one of his songs because I’d heard him do them on stage a bit earlier, but I didn’t know which song or why he was saying it now. Was this some kind of apology? It didn’t seem likely, but how else was I to interpret such self-deprecation?

Finding out the next day that said lines were from a song called ‘Dickhead’ didn’t clear things up much. Yes, superficially it might seem like he’s just calling me a dickhead yet again, but he did it in such a roundabout way you have to wonder about the subliminals. He was quoting from a song where he’s calling himself a dickhead. Is he trying to suggest we’re alike? I’ve never thought of myself being all that similar to Enlish but it’s not something I take offence at either. Maybe I should mull it over while I’m listening to his new mixtape Delicious Heat. What do you think?


4 comments on “Enlish – Delicious Heat – new mixtape

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  2. Daps
    July 3, 2014

    So, Ben builds up a decent website.
    It takes him a while, but he puts in the work and people check for it, seeing that it promotes rap music that might fly under the radar and interesting articles too.
    He puts all this effort into it and keeps it going with no obvious benefits, and alongside others as well, simply because he’s a good dude.

    And… you add steaming turds like this?

    Are you not a little bit embarrassed?
    Does this help or hinder all the effort that has gone into making this website readable when there are thousands like it out there that people could check for instead?

  3. Ringo P
    July 3, 2014

    Q1: Yes
    Q2: No
    Q3: Dunno

    PS: Big up Koaste for having more imagination and foresight than the rest of the Brighton scene put together. Big up Dan Daps and Big Dave for being passionate motherfuckers. It’s all love.

  4. Ringo P
    July 3, 2014

    At least it’s all love as far as I’m concerned.

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