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Slip Jam featuring MRISI & The Spoken Herd, July 2nd 2014 (Flyer Review)

14_07_02 Slip JamWelcome to the first of a new series at The 273 where we post up flyers for any upcoming Brighton shows that might be of interest and if we’re feeling cantankerous do our best to denigrate them, mercilessly pissing over all the hard work some poor unpaid graphic design amateur put into their presentation when they’d much rather be down the pub.

Having said that Slip Jam haven’t given us a great deal to work with this month. It’s a decent flyer. The designer may technically be amateur (though I wouldn’t swear on that) but he’s definitely not a novice so it looks professional and it gets all the necessary information across efficiently. Plus, of course, it has The273 logo slapped on the bottom so it’s immediately more stylish than any other Brighton flyer since last months Slip Jam, BUT. Let’s get real here. Slip Jam’s been running for a long time and they’ve had some beautiful illustrated flyers over the years. I’m sure anyone who’s lived in Brighton for a while will remember some of the old designs. More recent arrivals may need evidence, sadly I can’t find any of the really old ones online right now but this one from last year promoting their night with Rag N Bone Man shows they’re still capable of greatness when the mood takes them. This month’s can’t help but seem average by comparison. Functional. Bring back the illustrations!

In any case I’m sure it’ll be a great night. It usually is.

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