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Problem Child – Energy

Problem Child

When I was a little young thing, I used to sneak off from home and burn rubber on my bike down to this place called Peter Pan’s Playground which was on the seafront down here in Brighton and boasted a great arcade packed with all the best games from that time. Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, Double Dragon, Golden Axe – this palace of fun had them all. In fact, I probably looked just like the kid in this new video from Problem Child, which sees some young rapscallion take control of emcees Illaman, Dabbla and Dubbledge in beat-em-up form, more than resembling Atari’s 1990 Pit-Fighter. The track itself is alright, not my favourite from the LDZ offshoot by any means, but solid verses from all three over the beat by Sumgii and the video is dope. Well worth checking out.
• Koaste

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