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Genesis Elijah – When It Was Good

GenesisElijahWhenItsGoodAt this point there can’t really be much argument that Genesis Elijah is a great emcee. Was it ever in doubt? Well…Forgive me. I suppose in the past I might have struggled with how he sounds like he’s putting in way too much effort. It’s always more immediately impressive when some person staggers up to the mic off their heads sounding effortlessly brilliant, but Genesis is way too sensible for that. It’s almost like you can hear the sweat drips sometime, like the bit here when he says ‘existential‘ and then a moment later whatever word he rhymes with it. Exogental? Exogentil? Personally I would have rhymed ‘existential’ with ‘dental’. I guess that’s one good reason why I’m not an emcee. Anyway, the way he stretches is inspiring, makes you want to figure out the errant syllables and forgive some of the…errr… questionable beats he’s jumped on lately.

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