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Grim Sickers Ft/ Discarda, Majic, D Power, Eyez, Ego & Proton – Know Yourself

Majic: bloomin' marvelous

Majic: bloomin’ marvellous

I’m not in the mood to bullshit so I won’t pretend like I’ve got a clue whether Grim Sickers’ ‘Know Yourself‘ is “undoubtedly one of the biggest grime records of 2014” or not. Blatantly Blunt say it is, who am I to argue the toss with them? Except…it doesn’t feel massive in that sense. Maybe cos when someone says the ‘biggest grime records’ I expect an anthem and ‘Know Yourself’ is far too melancholic for that. Doesn’t mean it’s not a good record, of course, if anything the slightly understated beat serves to underline the savagery of the delivery. Likewise, I won’t pretend like I know who most of the emcees are. Eyez I’ve heard of, he’s from Derby, he did a track I liked earlier this year called ‘Saudi’, doing a quick search for other stuff turns up his Soundcloud and from there I’m tempted to go off on a tangent. Too much good stuff. Discarda is the second guy, the shouty white one who does everything at four in the morning. He’s been around for ages, was on sets with Roll Deep back in the day, sounds as brutally effective here as he ever did. D Power I’ve heard of but not like I could quote one of his bars. The rest of them are new to me, Grim Sickers included. They all pull their weight but my personal favourite is the guy who goes on after Discarda, most probably Majic. Most of his verse is decent but the punchline caught me off-guard and raised a smile: “last emcee got three flowers at his wake, the moral of this story is my mother is a florist.

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