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Unknown Element #17: Bullet Real Hip Hop ft/ Jadakiss – Keep It Moving

Bullet Real Hip Hop

So here’s another one from the email pile that caught my attention. Partly because of my confusion over how to produced the guy’s name. BRHHM. Thats what the email announced. Was it Bruuuuhhhm? or Brerrrm? Anyway, after following links to the video, it turns out its Bullet Real Hip Hop… which seems a little unwieldy as monikers go. It doesn’t exactly trip of the tongue, and this is something he should think about, as this track isn’t bad at all. The sample is driving me crazy, as I know something else has used the same thing only slower, just can’t put my finger on it at the moment. BRHH (now where’s the M gone?) definitely got something happening, and is easily an equal to Jada on the track. Keep an eye out for his forthcoming LP 1 $hot 1 Kill featuring cameos from Greg Nice, Fred the Godson, Grandmaster Caz, TraeThaTruth, & More.
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