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Body Count – Talk Shit, Get Shot

Body Count

Okay, okay, I’ve drunk a bottle of wine and happened upon the new video from Ice-T. Well, not strictly Ice-T per se, but the sometime Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actor as the frontman to heavy rock band Body Count, who rose to notoriety in the early nineties through the release of Cop Killer, one of those records that seem all too easy for politicians try to use as a quick soundbite when they’re flailing around trying to win an election. In this case, George Bush I. Anyway, I thought I’d give it a go after seeing Ice push it on twitter – to be honest I don’t really remember anything about the first incarnation of Body Count, so went into this not really knowing what to expect. And… yeah. Its not my cup of tea really, but the video is pretty entertaining considering wikipedia tells me that Mr Marrow is 5IFTY FUCKING 6IX years old!! Plus he tries to cram in more names for guns than a Wizard/Scizzahz battle in Don’t Flop. “Dusted with the musket” being a particular favourite. I can’t promise you’re gonna like this one, but hey. Any Hip Hop purists can keep an eye out for Afrika Bambaataa’s cameo, innit.
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