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Slipjam tonight: Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon, Team Dreebs

slipjam_syntaxSo I finally figured it out. What? The burning question, of course! The answer to the query behind the most popular post I ever wrote for The273, ‘Please Tell Me Why I Hate Dr Syntax‘. I have an answer! I know why I hate Dr Syntax! And best of all? I got my answer direct from the good Dr himself.

It came to me, as so many of my musical epiphanies do, when I was in the kitchen. Maybe cos if I’m anywhere else my eyes and mind are gonna be fixed to a screen so I’m not actually going to be focussed on, y’know, the music, like. This maybe explains how I noticed something in a track I’d heard at least a few times before: Sonnyjim‘s ‘E.O.W. Anthem, a track from the 2008’s classic Trading Standards mix CD.

So. There I was. Scrubbing a particularly stubborn bit of baked on cheese, wondering if at that moment a portion of the rest of the grease from that evening’s meal was attaching itself to the inside of my arteries with a similar onboxious tenacity, when Syntax’s voice cut through my mental fug. ‘You might surmise that I’m not easy to like’ he said, ‘cos I’m a smug cunt, and I’d have to concede that you’re right‘.

There you go.

At this point I don’t have much else to add to that. But given how Syntax is the headliner at tonight’s Slipjam I do feel I ought to point out that being a smug cunt isn’t something he’s ever allowed to get in the way of putting on a dynamic performance. There’s a lot of people out there who love what he does. Especially in Brighton. It should be a good show. So good, in fact, that I’m almost tempted to make it down there myself. So what if I don’t much like the headliner? He’s only going to be one guy in a room that’s rammed, a room turned combustible with energy radiating out the crowd at all sorts of crazy angles. Isn’t that what a good hiphop night’s all about?

Support is from Team Dreebs, but as ever the highlight of the evening will most likely be the open mic hosted by local legends Tom Hines and (maybe, probably, hopefully) Enlish. Entry is free, the beer is about as cheap as you’re going to find in Brighton city centre. Anyone who doesn’t make it down must be either skint with tapped-out friends or a complete and utter prick. An insufferable cock, if you will. Don’t let it be you.

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