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We’ve got Mail | Submissions Review #1


Right. Lets try something a little different. I’m going to start going through a few of these email submissions that take up 95% of my inbox and asphyxiate any actual conversations with actual people that might be in there too. There are diamonds in there sometimes though, it just takes a while to find them. So lets do a bit of a live review.

1./ CONFZ – Lay Down (Prod. by FVDED X Hekmah)
Sounds like its gonna be a house tune until the vocals come in. Not a massive fan of space music. Some pitched down vocals… hmmm. Do I need to be on drugs to feel this? “Road life living”? Okay, this guy’s from the UK. Was that a machine gun sound effect? Nah, not feeling this. Next.

2./ J’Sar – Can’t Please Everybody (Prod. by !llmind)
I’m gonna have a listen to this one, as its literally just popped into the inbox along with a twitter retweet. Its recorded quietly – I’ve had to turn it up a couple of times since the last track. This guy’s not bad actually. He’s got an okay flow – “Can’t please everybody, somebody always gonna say something… fuck ’em!” Ha ha… I’m liking the hook. Nah, this is alright, if not amazing. J’Sar, ladies and gentlemen.

3./ Justina – Hard to the Body (Quickie Mart Remix)
I don’t even want to press play on this one. Okay, here goes. Oh god. Why do people send this shit to me? Do they realise we’re primarily a rap site? I guess there is some rapping on this… but its sped up beyond recognition, and put over something you’d expect to hear somewhere like Oceana on a wednesday in Brighton. Turning this off now.

4./ Tope – Take Your Time ft/ Farnell Newton
This one’s got a video. Don’t know whether I can write this while watching the video, but we’ll try. He’s got a comedy disguise kit on. He’s a joker. He’s writing some lyrics down in his note pad. He’s sounds a little like Mac Miller to me. Erykah Badu sample on the hook. Thats quite nice, but still not convinced by this one yet. Now he’s at a poetry night, puking his guts up with nerves. Seriously? Man up. Do people really throw up before going on stage? Trumpet solo on the end. This is nice. I’m digging the instrumental in a jazzy way. This guy really has a thing for Erykah Badu. And fake moustaches.

5./ A-2-Zee – Basquiat
A lot of bass and clicky drums. Not my favourite style of rap. He’s rapping very quickly. Is this beat one I should know? I’m sure I should. Or does it just sound like one. That bit is from N***as in Paris isn’t it? “I go against the grain, I’m like a rasta eating pork”. Do rasta’s not eat pork? I never knew that. I thought that was just Muslims. Guess I’ve learned something. He’s listed some rappers, one lot from the states, and one lot from the UK. “I say fuck ’em”. Ah, okay. Its a challenge. I think he just said he was nineteen. In that case, he’s got a chance. He just needs to slow down… ah. No, maybe not. On the slow section he sounds a little uncomfortable. Its okay though, but not my cup of tea.

Well there you go. Five is enough for today (he says as seventeen more mail shots flood into the inbox). Keep sending them in though. If you’re lucky, I’ll look at them, if you’re unlucky, I’ll pass them over to Ringo.
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One comment on “We’ve got Mail | Submissions Review #1

  1. J'sar
    January 31, 2014

    Once again, appreciate the post. I’ve been meaning to update the sound file. Found out the track was low myself while rehearsing one day. I’ll get it amped. Thanks! Shouts out to The 273!

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