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Unkut.com presents: Forgotten Remixes

forgotten remixes

When it comes to that grimy, dusty, gritty mid nineties New York rap, there’s no doubt that Unkut.com champion it more than most sites out there, so if thats your thing, you’ll likely be interested in this compilation of forgotten remixes that Robbie Ettelson has put together. Sure, most of it sounds like its been recorded from well-played cassettes dug out of a shoe box that had been stored in an attic somewhere for a decade or so, but surely thats part of the charm? This collection of brooding bass heavy tracks harks back to the days when a mixtape was a mixtape, when skipping tracks wasn’t an option available to those short of time, when walkmans clipped on to belts rather than slipped into pockets. My personal favourite on here is the Frankenstein remix of Method Man’s PLO Style, but the Madlib remix of Gangstarr’s Just To Get A Rep is up there too. Well worth checking.
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Download Unkut.com Presents: Forgotten Remixes from Unkut.com.


1,2 Pass It – D&D Allstars (Stretch Armstrong & Mighty Mi Remix)
Check It Out – DJ Mark the 45 King ft/ Jay-Z & Lady Champain
Do You Believe – Beatnuts (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
T.O.N.Y. – Capone N Noriega (DJ Clue Remix)
Labels – GZA (Demo Version)
Tres Leches – Big Pun ft/ Prodigy x Inspectah Deck (Large Professor Remix)
Just To Get A Rep – Gangstarr (Madlib Remix)
Lifes A Bitch – Nas ft/ AZ (Buckwild Remix Number 1)
Mighty Healthy/Thats Me – Ghostface Killah/Cam’ron (MF Doom Remix)
Funk Soul Sensation – Jemini the Gifted One (Godfather Remix)
PLO Style – Method Man ft/ Carlton Fisk (Frankenstein Remix)
Ah Yeah – KRS-One (Diamond D Rhodes Mix)
Get Off My Log – Milk (the Jazzyfatwoody Remix)
Robodoc – The Chosen Ones (Peace & Unity Mix)
Thuggin It Up – MC Eiht (Spinna Remix)
Born 2 Live – OC (DJ Eclipse Remix)

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