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Giggs & Anthony Hamilton – Mr Cool (new video)

giggs_being_coolPolice aside, most everyone I’ve seen chatting about Giggs have had at least the germ of a point. I mean everyone who actually listens to rap music, obviously. The people who think like he’s seriously hard of thinking, the people who think he sounds impossibly cool. Why should the two be mutually exclusive? I like the self-aware humour implied by his album title, When Will It Stop, even if I can’t go into bat for the whole album full swing. I can forgive the unimaginative crudity of ‘Good Pussy’ but I find it hard to deal with the clumsy mix, the way it oversells Giggs’ awkward, embarrassed performance. But the album also has undeniable moments, and the Anthony Hamilton featuring new single ‘Mr Kool‘ is one of them. Hamilton is someone I’ve only got the most marginal awareness of, but I’m fairly sure he doesn’t often come over so much like Sleepy Brown as he does here. Shame.

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