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Eyez featuring JayKae – Saudi (new track)

eyezI’ve never heard of emcee Eyez before and I’m not even sure where his hometown Derby is. I clicked on his song ‘Saudi‘ cos it features JayKae who is someone I have heard of from a city which I can not only point to on a map but claim I’ve gotten drunk in a few times, so can plausibly (in my head, at least) call it a home from home: Birmingham. Centre of the universe. Turns out it’s not a song about the price of oil or the merits of female drivers but an ode to the many middle-eastern drug dealers who Eyez claims have served him with Sour Diesel, Blue Cheese and other intoxicating green delights over the years. Perhaps inspired more by the fact that ‘Saudis‘ rhymes with ‘sour deeze‘ and ‘Yemenis‘ rhymes with ‘smelly cheese‘ than any direct experience, methinks, but a great track nevertheless. Produced by someone called Baza. Of course it is.

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