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EATGOOD winter sale: 30% off Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Percy Filth & everything else

eatgood_sweaterNormally I wouldn’t stoop to writing a whole post just to publicise a sale, but then I can’t remember the last time a sale caused me as much pain as this one. I’m skint. A lot of people I know seem to be skint. Let’s face it: the guys at EATGOOD are probably skint too, that’s why they’re trying to raise a few quid by having such an absurdly generous sale. 30% off everything! That’s everything! So you could get a whopping £7.20 off the combination package CD & T-Shirt edition of Sonnyjim and Kosyne’s ‘It’s About Time’ LP from last year, taking it from an imposing £24 to a far more manageable £16.80.

Still out of my price range, hence the pain, but then again as a (cough) top blogger there’s always the slim possibility I might be able to blag something. EATGOOD guys, if you’re reading this my favourite t-shirt design is the classic white on red logo, I’m a medium size, and I promise to wear it to every hip-hop event this year in Brighton. Send me an email and I’ll let you know where to send the goods. I’d happily settle for the sweatshirt if you’re running short on the tees.


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