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Aruzo x Slime – Remixed It 2

Aruzo x Slime

Been mad busy recently, so apologies for the brief hiatus from regular updates from your favourite music site. We’re gonna kick things back off with this free download from Aruzo and DJ Slime, who’s record label, Teczaszkiniesanasze is based in Poland and literally translates as TheseSkullsAintOurs. I’m presuming that the artists are from that side of the world too, but not 100% sure.

Anyway, Remixed It 2 is a collection of some tracks you might know from established US artists such as Little Brother, Akrobatik and Erykah Badu, remixed by producer Aruzo and DJ Slime. And they’re very, very good. The beats are a great selection of hard drums and souled out samples which come together to form a great accompaniment to a little sunshine, which is gonna be harder to come by as we head into the Xmas period, but still, they should at least help to keep that summer feeling going a little longer.

Well worth copping a hold of, and a nice way to get back with the program over here at Illwood Heights.
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