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Casual – He Still Think He #RapGod


This one came out of a blind spot. Bay Area rapper and member of Hieroglyphics, Casual has been moved to respond to Eminem’s Rap God track. Perhaps due to himself having released the project He Think He #Rapgod back in 2011. Anyway, Cas has gone in with some style, flipping some serious off the wall flows as we all know he can, and throwing a few darts in the direction of Marshall Mathers himself:

“This emotional pussy-whipped poet know I’m not a liar cause /
you ain’t spit fire since Nic took Mariah”

I’m pretty certain that this is not going to trigger a response from Eminem, as he’s probably far too busy counting his money and convincing Skylar Grey to sing a whole new selection of mind blowingly dreary choruses for his next album to respond to a self proclaimed back pack rapper from the other side of the states (albeit one that would probably smack the shit out of him in a dust up). You never know though.
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