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Welcome to the South Easy

Rizzle Kicks – Skip To The Good Bit


I hear Rizzle Kicks are big with the kids these days. This may possibly be true in some places, but in this house the kids are kind of bored of them. Not that the younger kid ever showed any awareness they exist, but the older kid kind of liked them for a while after ‘Down With The Trumpets’ but cooled on the first album quickly, even quicker once he entered his Ill Manors phase. He hasn’t even asked me to get him the second album. New single ‘Skip To The Good Bit‘ is kind of cheesy, kind of gross, and kind of okay. I think the hook is weak and suffers in comparison with the one on the song they’ve sampled (EMF’s ‘Unbelievable‘) but then I’m an old fart so I would say that, right? For some reason it also reminds me of ‘Dirty Face’ by Example, I guess partly cos they express a similar lairy hormonal need to cum in a similarly oblivious manner. Rizzle Kicks do it with a little bit more charm, but there’s not that much between them, really.

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