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The What, Fri 11 Oct with DJ Ideal, Fidel Cutstro & Daps with special guest Neil B (Rarekind)

thewhat2smallPublic service time. I know all you crazy people out there in Brighton with proper jobs who can afford to go drinking (or unemployed folk who’ve managed to blag a few) will probably end up wherever their mates drag them this evening, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of forethought you might actually get to hear some good music tonight. You need to plan ahead. Make an early decision that at some point you will end up at The What in The Blue Man on Queen’s Road to enjoy the nimble and imaginative mixing of Fidel Cutstro, DJ Ideal, Daps and this month’s special guest Neil B of Rarekind Records infamy. Start somewhere else if you have to, but keep that goal in mind and you’ll be okay.

That said, it’s apology time too. I’d love to be able to tell you a little bit more about the night. An interview with Fidel or one of the other guys? Probably Fidel cos he tipped me off to it. A glimpse into what they’ve got planned for their mixes tonight? It’d have been nice. I’d love to be able to do full, extensive previews for every rap related event in Brighton but sometimes that isn’t practical. Damn real life always gets in the way, right? Instead, for anyone out there who needs to educate themselves I’ll embedded one of DJ Ideal & Fidel Cutstro’s Soundcloud mixes below to help you catch up. Watch The Sound is a super tight mix featuring an impeccable hip-hop reggae selection. Demon Boyz, Black Milk, Terminator X, Mobb Deep and the ORIGINAL Asher D? Yes, please! Also handy for anyone staring out the window wishing away their working day looking forward to tonight.

Entry is free, start time is 8pm, The Blue Man is at 8 Queens Road which is eight doors up past the clock-tower on the left-hand side if you’re going towards the rail station. You know what to do.

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