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Da Mafia 6 ft/ Yelawolf – Go Hard

gangstabooI don’t regret being cyncical about new material from a partially reformed Three6Mafia, all of the group minus Juicy J now trading as Da Mafia 6, it’s a pleasure to be proved wrong. Potentially. Cos I was cynical on several fronts and new single ‘Go Hard‘ only proves me wrong on one of them. It’s a great record, monotonous, relentless with that looped male-voice-choir fragment (swiped from Peter Gabriel’s ‘We Do What We’re Told‘) giving it just a hint of old school satanic menace. It’s got Yelawolf continuing his recent streak of good form. And Gangsta Boo in tight lycra threatening to kill you. I like it, but I’m reminded of the Goodie Mob album One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show from 2004. Their only record without Cee-Lo. A great album that tend to get overlooked. Are Da Mafia 6 headed for similar fate? Is the album going to tank? Will it come to be seen as a stop-gap before Juicy J comes back wielding his new star power to seize artistic control and lead Three 6 through an album of novelty dope songs? Obviously the parallels break down sooner or later, Three 6 aren’t Goodie Mob, I’m sure the internal dynamics alone are enough to make the whole situation very different. The rump of the group have had the respect to use a different name, for a start. ‘Go Hard’ is trailing a mixtape 6ix Commandments which is supposed to drop on 29 October. On this form I might even end up listening to it all the way through.

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