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ABSORB ft/ No Lay & Sarah T – Take Me Or Leave Me


sarahtNo offence intended to ABSORB, but when you’ve got Sarah T in your video people are going to ask ‘who’s that ugly old bloke standing next to the goddess?‘ Kudos to him for ignoring the risk and putting together a strong lineup on his new single ‘Take Me Or Leave Me‘, enticing enough to tempt me back to see if I can get a better handle on him second time round. I’m still confused, though. There’s some kind of narrative in the video between ABSORB and a young woman. His daughter? He looks like quite an old bloke but then again he might just be a heavy drinker. He might be seventeen and it’s his wife. He’s having an argument with her at the start and at the end she scores a wrap of something off a street dealer while he watches on, distraught. Not sure how the lyrics tie in, all seems to be fairly generic stuff from the emcees about how you don’t want to clash with them cos they’re really quite formidable opponents. Or the video, or the way it changes tack completely in the middle for Sarah T to tell us how ‘I ain’t nothing like none of you girls‘ as if we couldn’t tell that already from the eye makeup alone.

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