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Big H, Flirta D, Meridian Dan and Footsie have ‘Been Doing This’ for a while. Really.

BigHBig H, Flirta D, Meridian Dan and Footsie of thar Newham Generals have ‘Been Doing This‘ for a long time now. I know that cos him and his mates say so roughly twenty zillion times through the length of this track. I did try to count, but my addled brain couldn’t cope with the higher numbers. Of course, I also know it cos I’m not totally ignorant of the pedigree of these guys. Not that I’m an expert about grime (I wish) but I do know about ‘Warpspeed’. I do know about ‘Frontline‘. I know that, at one point, Big H said ‘everybody dead‘. Or was that someone else? In any case, I also know that this new tune of theirs is startlingly similar to Wiley‘s ‘Wot Do U Call It‘. Not complaining or anything, although the concept of old-school grime is a total headfuck for me. In both cases I guess it’s an occupational hazard when you’ve been doing this for so long. This is allegedly from Big H’s Fire And Smoke mixtape, but a quick search reveals he’s been promising something with that title since late 2010, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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