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1500 Posts and (Still) Runnin’

1500 Posts

So we’ve past the 1500 post mark, and I’m celebrating in this mini south coast heatwave with a gin and tonic and the ashes on TV. I never knew whether this was just going to be a fad when I started down this avenue of unabashed artist alerts. Still, it seems that the site is in good health. In the last six months, we’ve doubled the number of contributors (its now two), and there is still plenty of life in the old dog yet. There may be times when the post count slacks off, but thats more than likely down to nothing really grabbing my attention, rather than an irregular heartbeat causing the doctors to become agitated.

To everyone that subscribes to the random dribblings we spurt sporadically – long may you stay interested in the music we bring you. Please drop us the odd comment from time to time when we post something you dig, or even something you don’t dig. Till then, raise your drinks, and we’ll see you in another 500.
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