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Welcome to the South Easy

Yelawolf – Way Out [@Yelawolf]


When I first heard Yelawolf, it was on I Wish, the track off Trunk Muzik that featured Raekwon from Wu Tang, and it was a breath of fresh air. This self styled redneck from Alabama had something a little different – enough to pique my interest anyway. The combination of the southern drawl and the high speed delivery somehow worked, even though maybe it shouldn’t – but maybe its a sign of the transient nature of the title next big thing, as I’m finding it hard to stay enthusiastic about recent releases. Sure, this new track isn’t that bad, but the vibe about it could be any rapper on a label with a bit of money behind them. I’ll check for the new project, no doubt, but whether I’ll find anything that gets me hype as that first hearing, unfortunately I’m doubting. Prove me wrong please.
• Koaste

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