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Byron – Sunshine Music [@ItsByronMusic]

Byron Sunshine Music

Byron used to be in the crew Nine High. He’s got a new project out called Sunshine Music which you can cop for free HERE. Get a little taster from the title track above. Glad to see I’m not the only person that puts summer inspired joints out in the rainy days. Ha.
• Koaste

“One day Chris and I were going through our old cassette tapes from the pirate radio days and wanted to re-live some memories,” Byron explains, “we found an old Tascam studio tape deck on eBay and he tried running some stuff through it.. It had a warmth and depth that I really liked so we decided to run with it for the entire project. Things have changed since ‘back in the day’ – technology has advanced, there’s perhaps more focus on image and less focus on the lyrics – we wanted Sunshine Music to stir the juices of nostalgia, but for all the right reasons!”

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