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Blast From The Past #41 – Clipse – Freedom [@Pusha_T @NoMalice757]

Pusha T

I was just getting some mundane shit done around the yard earlier, and I thought I’d throw on Till The Casket Drops, probably one of my favourite albums of recent years. As the opening strains to Freedom, the first track on the LP started filling the room, I realised that there aren’t many other albums that start as strongly as this. Pusha T’s opening verse is incredible, and Malice doesn’t let the side down either. T

his is Clipse at their best – the coke rap supremos showing both pride and regret in their voices for their chosen path, yet resolutely challenging their adversaries in the outro. Quite possibly the best opening track to any album.
• Koaste

“Thinking to myself, what could I be owing you / they only tell you you’re great when they’re reminiscing over you” < Pusha T – Freedom

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