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Ralph Rip Shit – The Classics Series (Amsterdam) [@RalphofAM @P_Leezy @AssociatedMinds]

Ralph Rip Shit

Ralph goes in on a PLO remake of Milkbone’s Keep it Real beat. Very nice indeed.
• Koaste

“Ain’t a damn thing funny / never start rap if you’re out for the money / I’m out like its sunny” < Ralph Rip Shit

One comment on “Ralph Rip Shit – The Classics Series (Amsterdam) [@RalphofAM @P_Leezy @AssociatedMinds]

  1. raph_malph_rip_al's_diner_legit
    January 25, 2013

    i had that same Carhartt get up (gold beanie n jacket) in 1996… a few years after Nas donned it…

    big up ralph/associated minds tho… classic!


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