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Joel Baker – Bxtch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Kendrick Lamar Cover) [@JoelBakerMusic @KendrickLamar]

Joel Baker

I’m loathe to stray too far from my Hip Hop, generally because like most contestants on Mastermind, its my one of my two specialised subjects. And my knowledge of alcohol in all its forms is best delivered through the medium of liquoration, for which I have to be there in person.

Anyway, this got posted through the 273 virtual letterbox recently, together with a personal cover letter (thats the way to get me to listen to stuff – ya ‘eard?). So I gave it a listen, and you know what, I think its pretty damn dope. Covers of rap tracks rarely satisfy, possibly because ninety nine percent of the time they’re novelty covers, designed to provoke a laugh, but rarely more. This is different.

According to the PR, Baker has a covers EP coming next month, which has got me intrigued as to whether he can carry this off over more than one track. I’ll be sure to put a little something up here once I get my hands on a copy, so we shall see. Till then, enjoy this one, and keep your fingers crossed for me that its not gonna be a one track wonder.
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