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Benny Diction – Hard Graft, Arts & Craft and Hearty Laughs [@BennyDiction_UK]

Spent most of Tuesday night in a drunken haze, judging a competition up at Slipjam (Brighton’s premier Hip Hop open mic night™), singing Lee Fields’ Lovely Ladies at no one in particular with Rum Com’s Gi3mo, and mixing my drinks. One of the competitors in the aforementioned contest was this chap here, Benny Diction, who emailed me over the link to his new album, knowing full well that under the Benjamin Treaty of 2004, I was obligated to make a post about his LP due to him being called, er.. Ben.

Anyway, whilst the album title grates a little bit, there is some solid material up on here. So check out the video, stream the album, and send Benny a few quids if its your cup of tea.
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