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Dizraeli (@MCDizraeli) x Tom Caruana (@TomCaruana) – White Man Moves LP

I posted the video for their video People Taking Pictures a few weeks back, but now Dizraeli and Tom Caruana are back with their new LP White Man Moves. Inspired by a trip Diz took from Southern India all the way back to the UK by land, via Iran, Pakistan and Turkey, he crafts all the sights and sounds into a cohesive album’s worth of lyricism. Add to this the ever banging beats by Tom Caruana and you’ve got something inspired. Its £5/£7 depending on whether you want a physical copy of the CD, but you won’t be disappointed. Plus you’ll be doing some good, as I’ll let Dizraeli explain:

“I’ve lost contact with a lot of the people who were so good to us in Iran, but I haven’t forgotten. As a small Thank You, we’re offering 50% of the profits from this album to AIWYA, the Anglo-Iranian Women and Youth Association. AIWYA campaign on behalf of the women and young people in Iran and in Camp Ashraf, the threatened refugee camp in northern Iraq, where many Iranians who have opposed the current regime are exiled. Among other things, AIWYA helps to fund Simaye Azadi, a Farsi-language satellite TV station which broadcasts news on the oppression and injustice perpetrated by the Iranian state both within and outside Iran.”

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