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Blast From The Past #38: Cella Dwellas – Perfect Match

Things have been mad quiet this week. Partially because I haven’t come across anything I consider good enough to put up on here, and partially because I’ve just signed up to Netflix, and realised there are shit loads of terrible B Movies I haven’t seen yet. Anyway, I’m sure normal service will be resumed soon, right after I’ve recapped on the first three seasons of Breaking Bad and got fully involved with Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Anyway, to tide you over, here’s another one from the Blast From The Past crates. This jam from the Cella Dwellas was a favourite back in my school days. I’ve still got the Realms and Reality vinyl in storage somewhere. Discogs says ’96 – I had it down as a year older than that, but I bow to the knowledge. This was one of those tracks you could get away with playing while chilling with your main squeeze – when the Gravediggaz and Nine albums weren’t gonna cut it. They flipped the video with the chat show style – there must be a fair few rap videos that have used that idea…
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