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KRS-One – Just Like That

Kris Parker is back, apparently readying himself to drop his TWENTIETH studio album. Thats a lot of work right there. Anyway, for this track he gets a little bit Tommy Cooper on your ass. The video is a bit green screen for me, but the song ain’t that bad. I keep waiting for him to release one track as bonkers as his book, The Gospel of Hip Hop. I’m sure he will one day, but this ain’t it.
• Koaste

2 comments on “KRS-One – Just Like That

  1. Stuart Fowler (@SDOTFOWLER)
    November 17, 2011

    This track is fun, but I really want KRS to finally come back with something outstanding. Like you say this aint it.

    I once heard that to practice his rhymes, Kris takes the top 10 MC’s in the billboard charts and writes a diss track about each of them. He maintains that each track would end their careers.

    Now that would be a fucking good album.

    • Koaste
      November 17, 2011

      Ha ha… true that. Would be amusing if they ever came out.

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