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Nova Rockafeller (@NovaRockafeller) – Insufficient Funds

Canadian born, Jamaican raised New York resident Nova Rockafeller has just put the final touches to her new release Insufficient Funds, and its a solid release. While not your usual straight up New York boom bap, Rockafeller uses a touch of live instrumentation to give her work a slightly different feel to a lot of stuff out there. Add to this a few sung hooks, and the album is really pretty enjoyable.
• Koaste

‘Insufficient Funds’ is the ballad of an almost famous rap artist put to live guitar and boom bap drums with accidentally gangster and emotional lyrics that tell the story of a rising star – the successes, the failures, the pain and the grind. It rips at that glorified perfect picture that many artists try to paint and pulls the curtain off the entire charade. It’s 90s rock influenced and similiar to Tech N9ne, Gym Class Heroes, R.A. The Rugged Man and Travie McCoy.

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