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RIP Jake Crockett aka Iris

So gutted right now. One of the Massive Warriors is no longer with us, and I’m feeling pretty emotional. Since I got back from Australia, I haven’t seen Jake enough, and when I got a call yesterday I really didn’t know what to say. It was kind of cathartic to see everyone that knew him well and talk about the great memories that we all shared from spending time with him.

I’ve got many vivid memories of spending time with Jake, and life will be worse off with him not being around any more. My thoughts and sympathy go out to his family, and everyone that knew, or ever came into contact with him, both friends and musical collaborators.

In Jake aka Iris, we had one of the finest, most original voices to ever light up the Brighton Hip Hop scene, and through his music, we are so lucky to have a lasting reminder of everything the little angry man stood for and was a part of. We lost a great man this week, and nothing I can say now can ever fully verbalise exactly how I feel.

Jake, if you are listening somewhere, the guys had a great reunion last night. We relived so many memories and imagined how much you’d have been frustrated at us catching feelings about the whole thing. You were something the the Brighton scene has been severely short of in recent years. Someone who wasn’t afraid to voice their opinion and tell a cunt he’s a cunt. There are a lot of people who are gonna miss you. Big love little homie.
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One comment on “RIP Jake Crockett aka Iris

    September 1, 2011

    Im just totally gutted to hear this sad sad news! I hadnt seen Jake in years but will never forget my days at American Express with him…he was only 19 at the time, the sweetest guy ever… always made me laugh and smile…you will never be forgotten “Little Jake” RIP…Hayley Stevens x

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