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Bugs Ain’t The Package

I popped into Rarekind Records yesterday after a heavy weekend of over exuberance, and the homie HP pointed out to me the above flyer for some night coming up at the Concorde featuring some group called Bugs in the Attic. I haven’t got a clue who this lot are, aside from vaguely knowing the name, but it wasn’t them or the other artists on the flyer that caught my attention.

No, it was the fact that apparently, we here at The273.com are presenting the night. I’d like to state for the record, that we have absolutely NO CONNECTION with this night at all. I have no idea what the person responsible would have to gain by using our name – although, we are one of the hottest blogs out there at the moment – but like I said – this night is NOTHING to do with us. So if any of you readers were planning on checking it out on the strength of the site being mentioned as presenting the night, you might wanna stay away.

Just thought you should know, right. I’m gonna try and get to the bottom of this.
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One comment on “Bugs Ain’t The Package

  1. tyni79
    July 31, 2011

    Saw that yesterday and meant to holla, lerrus know wha gwan…HULK SMAAAAASH!!!!!!

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