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AssociatedMinds x EatGoodRecords – The Highball EP [FREE DL]

Bang. I’ve been waiting for this. Associated Minds and Eat Good Records combine tro drop The Highball EP, featuring Sonnyjim, Metabeats, Ralph Rip Shit, Mudmowth and many more.

You may have heard the first track off this, The Heat (If you haven’t check the link below) and if you did, you’re gonna be wanting to get your hands on this pretty sharpish. Big up to those concerned for keeping this a free download as well. Too many people are trying to charge for substandard pap these days, and this is just the opposite. Something for free that really should be worth something.
• Koaste

Download The Highball EP HERE

In The Crates:
PLO x Sonnyjim – The Heat [VIDEO]

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