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273 Fantasy Football: Week 22

Well, I hope not too many of you put a load of Liverpool players into your teams due to the fact they were playing twice this week. Doesn’t look like Dalglish has got an instant fix for that lot.

Anyway, it’s been quite an even week for point scoring throughout the league. Tied in third place this week with 50pts were Snuff The Ablist (Nani 24pts*) and myself (Van Der Vaart 14pts*).

Second place was a tie between Ollie from Bare Noize (Nani 12pts) and Longusto (Brede Hangeland 12pts).

But the manager of the week award goes to that man Legs with 58pts (Nani & Hangeland 12pts each), and that makes his second weekly award of the season.

Manager of the Week: Legs

And as his promo reward, Legs has asked me to drop this vid of him performing a track at Brighton’s Radio Reverb…

Highest Scoring Week:
Koaste – Illwood Kings: 96pts (Week 1)
Scizzahz – Human Centipede FC 89pts (Week 15)
Longusto – ReallyRudeName: 88pts (Week 14)
Manager of the Week Awards:
Truth – Gats McGhee (4)
Koaste – Illwood Kings (4)
Ewan Rarekind – Lets Get It In (3)
DJ Kormac – Kormtown Athletic (2)
Snuff The Ablist – Snuff The Ablist (2)
Scizzahz – Human Centipede FC (2)
Longusto – ReallyRudeName (2)
Legs – Howling Pack (2)
Herbie Dragons – Bucka Juniors (1)
Rizzle – Got Tings In Socks (1)
Cuthdaddy – Wolton Blunderers (1)

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