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Brighton Hip Hop Allstars [FREE DL]

Here’s a new free album featuring some of the artists out of the 273. There’s a track featuring Longusto and me. There’s some great tracks featuring guys such as Influx, Dr Syntax, Gi3mo and Tom Caruana. There is also, I’m afraid to say, a good chunk of tracks that I wouldn’t endorse if they paid me, so its a little hit and miss to say the least. Still, the dude who put together the project had good intentions, even if this is the local equivalent of those Classic Hip Hop CD’s that you used to find in petrol stations, where one track would be Walk This Way, another would be some Whodini track you’d never heard of, and the rest would consist of Ini Kamoze and 2 Unlimited.

I recommend however, that you download this, and keep or delete the tracks depending on how much they appeal to you. Kind of like a fat kid digging his sweaty sausage fingers in the Churchill Square pick’n’mix.
• Koaste

• Download Brighton Hip Hop Allstars HERE

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