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Blast From The Past #24: Koaste ft/ Dr Syntax, Hinesy Hines, Dark Circle, HP, Balance & DJ G-Petz – Storm Warning

Here’s a little something I dug out of the crates this morning. As far as I can remember, this track dates back to 2002, when Anik and Hoyke, aka Dark Circle, were down in Brighton to play at a night I used to host at Brighton’s Escape club (now Audio). The next day, we hooked up with some of the 273’s talent to write and record this posse cut. It never saw the light of day. Now, nine years later I’ve put the track up for free download. There’s a load of unreleased stuff to download over at my soundcloud, so head over and help yourselves.
• Koaste

4 comments on “Blast From The Past #24: Koaste ft/ Dr Syntax, Hinesy Hines, Dark Circle, HP, Balance & DJ G-Petz – Storm Warning

  1. dj pHiLLy
    January 10, 2011

    Respect due remeber seeing Anik and Dark circle bombs in south LDN back 10 years ago and seeing them out when i was about with kn0wn and other peeps! big up ima play this tune on a radio show i do TRACKSIDE BURNERS RADIO. Music for your eardrums and a beat to begin the week!
    Tune in and stream live via http://www.deepfrequency.com at 7.30PM (GMT) Jan 10th



    FB: http://www.facebook.com/tracksideburnersradio
    w: http://www.digital-crates.com
    e: contactdjphilly@gmail.com

    • Koaste
      January 12, 2011

      Big ups bro! Thanks for checking the site. Would love the DC boys to get back on their music game.

    • anik
      February 28, 2011

      oh and dj philly, i never did the anik bombs, no idea who did. kinda appreciative though!
      the dark circle ones, on the other hand, both hoyx and i did.

  2. anik
    February 28, 2011

    wow. don’t even remember this! what’s new. couldn’t even figure out my own lyrics at the beginning! nice one for uploading fella.
    by the way unreleased oldness up on our yt site darkcircle2009 and… newness in the making so yeh man, back again!

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