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273 Fantasy Football: Week 18

Well well well. With the snow hitting England this week causing all but a few games to be called off, it seemed that only people with Everton’s Tim Cahill in their team made any points whatsoever.

Tied in third place for the Manager of the Week title are Kormac and Legs with the grand total of 17pts. Yep, seventeen. Thats how high scoring this week was. Carlos Tevez high scoring with 4pts* for Kormac and Danny Welbeck getting 9pts for Legs.

Second place with 24pts goes to Blackbelt Jonez (Leighton Baines 8pts).

But top this week, and adding to his chances of grabbing the manager of the season award is Truth. 26pts for Tim Cahill means he smashes his way through the field this week. He’s won more weekly awards than anyone else, but he’s still only in eighth place in the table.

Manager of the Week: Truth

Highest Scoring Week:
Koaste – Illwood Kings: 96pts (Week 1)
Scizzahz – Human Centipede FC 89pts (Week 15)
Longusto – ReallyRudeName: 88pts (Week 14)
Manager of the Week Awards:
Truth – Gats McGhee (4)
Koaste – Illwood Kings (3)
DJ Kormac – Kormtown Athletic (2)
Ewan Rarekind – Lets Get It In (2)
Snuff The Ablist – Snuff The Ablist (2)
Scizzahz – Human Centipede FC (2)
Herbie Dragons – Bucka Juniors (1)
Rizzle – Got Tings In Socks (1)
Cuthdaddy – Wolton Blunderers (1)
Legs – Howling Pack (1)
Longusto – ReallyRudeName (1)

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