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Fuck The Police, and Fuck The BBC

Its not often we here at The 273 get involved in anything too political, but after seeing this video earlier today, I thought it needed a post so that as many people as possible can see the shameful way both the po-po and the BBC are acting towards the students protesting about the hike in tuition fees brought in by the coalition government.

Jody McIntyre is a cerebral palsy suffering student, who was dragged, by police, from his wheelchair and across the road during the recent protests. The video above is of the shameful grilling that the BBC’s presenter Ben Brown subjected him to, pretty much tarnishing him as a criminal. Completely vile. Stuff like this is certainly not going to placate any students gearing up for another march.
• Koaste

Complain to the BBC HERE
Email the presenter HERE
Contact the presenter on Twitter HERE

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