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Random Spot Check #11: Tranzformer (@Tranzformer760)

The Spot Check. We get artists from around the world to open up the masses of music stored away on their hard drives, have five tracks selected at random, and then attempt to explain away any embarrassing tracks that might have found their way into the selection. Pass or fail? Well, thats your call.

Here at the 273, we’re steady networking and expanding our reach across the globe. Next up in our series of Spot Checks is someone you might well not have heard of yet, but definitely someone to check for. Airic Estala aka Tranzformer is a Hip Hop producer from El Centro, California, who has worked with Planet Asia, Sene, and Co$$ amongst others, and is knocking out some seriously dope beats at the moment. With a background in punk and ska before moving into beat making, this has the potential to throw up some interesting tracks.

Tranzformer is preparing to drop a free to download EP with Koncept from the Brown Bag Allstars in late January, as well as a self titled production LP out on sale later this month, and as a little bonus has dropped us a new track Ode To The Beats featuring Blame One, which you can download at the end of this piece. Anyway, I think its time to hand over to the man himself. Tranzformer, this is your Random Spot Check. Lets go.
• Koaste

1./ J57 ft/ P.SO & Fresh Daily – Beyond the Infinite Pt. 2
Man o man.. this track is super epic!!! every time i hear this J57 produced joint it makes me feel really happy, and just takes me back to a lot of good times in my life.. J57 always brings heat to the table,s so does Fresh Daily and P.SO. If you guys havent got J57’s album Digital Society please go cop it! You wont regret it! He’s been a real good friend to me, and has been helping me out with getting my music out there to blogs n shit. Also, dude murders it in Brown Bag All Stars as a producer and mc! Be on the lookout for some Tranzformer and J57 .. dudes gonna be sampling some of my beats for remixes…

2./ Rancid – Olympia WA
This track is really dope. As mentioned above, I first started recording punk rock .. this track takes me back to high school as well… getting fucked up drinking beers, smoking a lot of weed and playing shows – mosh pits and everything! My old band used to cover this too. I’ve never been to a Rancid show but i will one day! They’ve been one of my favorite bands since way back!!..

I still love to hear punk rock throughout the days. This shit gets me pumped up before going out to drink and party! I’m very open minded when it comes to music, so you guys might trip out on whats in my hard drive… matter a fact, Rancid was the first punk album i bought in 8th grade…

3./ No Cash – Gasoline
Here is another band that i like. No Cash are a very good punk rock underground band that have a good following! Me and the lead singer are going to do a Hip Hop track soon – should be dope! He also has a side band called The Mad Conductor,
its like space hip hop rock .. really dope!.. but yeah this track Gasoline is sickk!! its on some rock /rap shit.. the lyrics are killer.

“I burn churches like persons in the 3rd degree” Ha Ha, too dope! I usually don’t like Hip Hop Rock tracks, but this came out cool! These dudes talk about real topics that are going on in the world today that a lot of people dont like to talk about, such as 9/11 and other crazy shit thats happened in this messed up world.

4./ Tenacity – Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Tenacity is an up and coming artist from Detroit who now lives in L.A. We got an album in the works.. I also have a track from him on my new self titled album Tranzformer that should be droppin late December. The joint is called Friendly Man featuring Honey Brown… anyways Wrong Place, Wrong Time is a classic – the beat knocks like crazy! And the flow is pretty damn good… talks about some real shit on here.. i like to hear flows about real topics, not about how much money or hoes you got, even tho hoes and money are nice!! lol.. i hate mainstream with a passion!! fuck the radio! Everything sounds the same as well with what they talk about.. I mean, I like mainstream when it comes down to bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers or classic bands you know, but i do really hate those emo bands out there!

5./ GG Allin – You Hate me and I Hate You
Ha ha… this guy is nutz!! This guy is the most dirtiest most hardcore motherfucker i’ve heard of lol.. the stuff he says in his music is pretty filthy, but thats what i like about his music ’cause it makes me laugh .. when this dude died, people pissed on his grave and all kinds of stuff! He’s been on the Jerry Springer show too, yapping some funny ish! But yeah, this song is really sick.. pretty much saying a big fuck you to everyone who hates you or doesnt like you! I like to bump this song when im pissed Ha ha.. GG Allin has a bunch of dope music floating around, so if your into that raw punk rock stuff you should go cop his albums for sure!.. good music to skate to and drink!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this lil’ interview on some of the music thats on my hard drive. Hope I didn’t scare you off with the punk rock Ha ha…

Tranzformer on Twitter
Tranzformer on Soundcloud

Tranzformer x J-Science (Smash Bros) – Ode To The Beats ft/ Blame One

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